The Happiness Project

Reaching Your Peak Performance: Personal Happiness as a Productivity Tool
Workshop with Executive Coach Aija Bruvere


In our dynamic world, the question of how to reach and sustain individual peak performance is very important. The new field of applied Positive Psychology has a lot to offer for those looking for happiness and meaning at work and in life.
The discipline that has emerged in the last 12 years directs attention to what is right with people as well as to increase subjective wellbeing in order to flourish.

The Happiness project seminars explore the science of how personal fulfilment can improve personal performance and how personal happiness can lead to better relationships both at work and in life.


What if we approached personal happiness as a project? This project starts with a serious audit, looking for the best strategies, looking for evidence-based tools and using proven methods to achieve the best results. It identifies the major variables in the happiness equation. It leads to actions we can take today to live happier and more meaningful lives.

This workshop focuses on the most useful new theories and evidence-based approaches in positive psychology. Participants in this seminar work on two levels:
– Individually: What do these findings mean for me personally? How can I apply them in my life?
– In the organisational context: What works in organisational and team environments? How can we identify strengths and energise organisations?

What the participants will learn:

– How to manage peak performance
– How to change the focus from fixing problems to building on strengths
– How to promote a growth mindset
– How to avoid the ‘happiness trap’
– How to set meaningful self- concordant goals
– Strategies to improve long- term well being


The Happiness project workshop is available in 4 different formats:

1) Taster – 1 hour motivational Happiness project talk
2) A more hands on Half a day seminar that includes happiness audit and personal action plan
3) 2 two hour seminars
4)The extended maximum impact version a 2 day workshop


Aija Bruvere, MSc Grad. Dip Coaching Psychology
Aija Bruvere is a psychological coach and business consultant. As an active explorer of positive psychology, she is passionate about promoting tools for reaching peak performance and personal happiness. Aija’s expertise is backed by her BSc in Economics and Business from SSE Riga, an MSc in Social Sciences from the University of Latvia, and a Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney.
Aija is the owner and founder of ABM Consulting, a business consulting firm specialising in international trade facilitation and executive coaching, and – BrainSpa international retreat programme. Since 2008, Aija has facilitated a series of personal development seminars and workshops that focus on personal leadership, systems theory, goal attainment and peak performance, and both personal and professional mind-skills development in Australia, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Latvia.

What the participants say:

This is the seminar for those who firmly believe that Happiness is a true driver for engagement. Tom Erdal, General Manager at DNB ASA Cash Management, Norway

Aija is passionate and true about what she is doing, and obviously very knowledgeable and professional. Inga Alika, Television Business Director at Lattelecom

This is the programme for people who are pilots of their lives. The recipie for happiness: optimism + humor x effort & planning. Dace Brencena, CEO at SEB Pension Fund

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