Psychological Capital for Universities

Building MindSkills for The PhD journey

Successfully completing a PhD requires more than sheer intellectual ability. A mindset to support perseverance and focus is also essential. The necessary mind skills include Hope, self-Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism (HERO). Together, they are known as Psychological Capital, or ‘PsyCap’. And the evidence shows that these skills can be developed with a single workshop.

Research in over 12,000 people shows that the more Psychological Capital (PsyCap) you have, the better your performance, in academic and other areas of life requiring an ongoing focus, such as education, building a career, taking care of your health or managing important relationships.

Learning Outcomes

In this 2 hour interactive workshop, participants select a personally important goal and learn through presentations, experiential exercises and discussion how to;
• build a motivated purpose through a seven step process
• develop willpower (the ability to tackle challenges) with flexible thinking
• develop a realistic optimism
• discover some ‘must-knows’ of maintaining brain performance and dealing with procrastination
• build resilience and self-compassion to cope with inevitable setbacks
• enhance a sense of confidence to support taking action to move ahead

In addition each participant leaves with a personal plan to build his or her mind skills and effectiveness habits further. Workshop attendees can expect to engage more effectively in their chosen pursuits, reduce stress and develop greater wellbeing by developing and applying the skills taught.


Here’s what University of Sydney PhD candidates said after their workshop…
“I would definitely recommend this to others”
“a great opportunity for self-development”
“terrific presentations, fun and very informative”
“all PhD candidates should have access to these skills
at the start of their journey”
“really enjoyed it, wish it was much longer! great
presentation too”
“anyone undertaking a PhD would benefit”

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