Psychological Capital for Productivity

Developing Psychological Capital and Strength for Personal Growth and Workplace Success

We are all used to thinking about capital in economic terms as the assets necessary for the production of goods and services. But Psychological Capital on the contrary is something that each individual has. We can think of it as set of mindskills or psychological strength. As with physical and financial capital, the more Psychological Capital we have – the more we can achieve.

These critical psychological strengths are together known as “Psychological Capital” or PsyCap. Research in over 12,000 people shows that the more PsyCap you have, the better your work performance and the higher your transformational leadership ratings, in addition to greater well being, improved job satisfaction and engagement. PsyCap is also related to lower stress, anxiety and employee turnover intentions. Importantly, it can be developed.

Psychological Capital consists of Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism – that appropriately spell out HERO. The Psycap workshop will help develop each of those qualities and other Character Strength. This workshop will not only explain the concept of Psychological Capital but also provide means and strategies for its development.

We will go one step further and look for other useful tools that the science of positive psychology can offer for workplace success. This workshop introduces most useful new theories and evidence based positive psychology approaches. Psychological Capital is one of them. You will receive practical tools that can be used to help energize organizations and increase personal well-being.

The development of Psychological Capital that can be achieved during one workshop can in fact measurably enhance leadership performance and employee engagement. It is good for the individual and good for the organization.

During the Psychological Capital and Strength Development workshop you will:

• build a lasting motivated purpose through a seven step process
• take inventory of current life satisfaction
• change focus from fixing problems to learning from strength
• create healthy mental habits
• develop willpower and flexible thinking
• discover novel ways to use exiting strength
• develop realistic optimism
• experience and exercise mindfulness
• move towards value based action
• discover some ‘must-knows’ of maintaining brain performance
• learn about useful concepts and research from positive psychology
• enhance a sense of confidence to support taking action
• create a personal development plan

You will be supported by:

• An assessment of where you are and what areas could be improved
• A character strength test and ways to develop existing strengths
• A meaningful goal setting and planning process: the importance of “Why?”
• A positive psychology toolkit and roadmap
• A set of strategies that help to increase PsyCap
• Active and constructive coaching conversations
• Individualized feedback and discussion

We will explore new strength based approaches, discuss new trends and ideas in the world of positive psychology and enjoy experiential learning.

Participants in this seminar will have a chance to work with Psychological Capital and Strength on two levels:
– Individually: What do these ideas mean for me personally? How can I apply them in my life?
– In the organizational context: What works in organization and team environments? How can we identify strengths and energize my organization?


Day 1: Understanding and developing Psychological Capital

– Evidence based science of happiness and success
– Life satisfaction audit
– Psychological Capital – relevance to performance
– Development roadmap
– Hope – motivated purpose
– Efficacy
– Resilience
– Optimism
– Strategies and habits increasing PsyCap
– Strength testing.

Day 2: Strength based approaches on individual and team levels

– Engagement and flow
– Willpower
– Character Strength
– Strength and PsyCap in the workplace
– The growth mindset
– Developing strength. Strength Finder.
– Micro-moments
– Team dynamics – broaden and build
– Constructive coaching conversation
– Personal action plan for success

This course will be relevant for those interested in personal development as well as strategies for achieving better performance at work individually or as a team. People in management roles and HR would benefit a lot from latest scientific research in the areas of motivation, life satisfaction and performance dynamics, also content is most useful to coaches and executives.

What the previous participants in Sydney say about the Psychological Capital workshop:

“I’d recommend this workshop to others – it’s vitally important”
“Very practical and relevant to all”
“I’d recommend this to teams for energy and focus”
“Thanks for a thought provoking session”
“Simple, clear, applicable”
“Great experience and presentation style”

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