We live in the world were change is the only constant.
I am passionate about helping my clients on their path of personal transformations and growth, together we understand and manage change, and make personally meaningful changes happen.

Like an artist I have a variety of colours, methods and tools to play with in the process of Change and Transformation.


My name is Aija Bruvere, I am an Executive Coach as well as Positive Psychology specialist and Workshop Facilitator.

In 2013 I have obtained Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney, this provide me with variety of evidence based tools to facilitate change.

Furthermore I am a co-creator (with Andis Geste and Peteris Draguns) of Transformational Mirroring method for facilitating change and personal growth in small group setting.

I come from Latvia, but I call Sydney, Australia my home.

04. 08. 2015 Psiholoģe Aija Brūvere

My initial background is in Business Management and Business Consulting, but I have become increasingly interested in personal changes and transformation and in pathways to achieve Happiness. This resulted in my Coaching Psychology graduate studies.

My path exploring Change and transformation started in 2008, when I did my Transformation Game Facilitator training in Findhorn Foundation, in Scotland . Since then I also have received advanced training in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Body-psychotherapy, Family therapy, CBT, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Coaching.

At University of Sydney while studying for the Grad.Dip in Coaching Psychology I enjoyed most learning Positive Psychology and since then I have extensively applied my knowledge of theories and research in this field in the workshops that I run and working one on one with clients.

I am proud to say I came up with the idea and assembled a team to develop a simple Positive Psychology inspired mobile app The Happiness Jar. It is free and available on Appstore. Here you can learn more about The Happiness Jar.

If you wish to work with me please feel free to contact me directly at aija@transformation.lv

  There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the way



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