MSc Grad. Dip Coaching Psychology

Aija Bruvere

Aija Bruvere is a psychological coach and business consultant. As an active explorer of positive psychology, she is passionate about promoting tools for reaching peak performance and personal happiness. Aija’s expertise is backed by her BSc in Economics and Business from SSE Riga, an MSc in Social Sciences from the University of Latvia, and a Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney.


Happiness, Career and Business Coach

Aija Bruvere currently primarily lives and works in Sydney, Australia, but she likes to bring some of the knowledge back to Latvia. Aija is the owner and founder of ABM Consulting, a business consulting firm specialising in international trade facilitation and executive coaching, and - BrainSpa international retreat programme. Since 2008, Aija has facilitated a series of personal development seminars and workshops that focus on personal leadership, goal attainment and peak performance, and both personal and professional mind-skills development in Australia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and Latvia.

I follow and find PURPOSE & PASSION. Happiness is the Way.

As Thich Nhat Hanh has said: "There is no way to Happiness, HAPPINESS IS THE WAY". The ultimate goal of coaching and workshops I facilitate is TRANSFORMATION of person, goal, perspective, situation AND the world.