MSc Grad. Dip Coaching Psychology

Aija Bruvere

My name is Aija Bruvere I am a coach, lecturer and workshops facilitator. In many ways I am a facilitator for change, transformation and growth. As an active explorer of Positive Psychology, I am also passionate about promoting tools for reaching peak performance and personal happiness in the business world. My expertise in the field of coaching and mentoring is backed by BSc in Economics and Business from SSE Riga, an MSc in Social Sciences from the University of Latvia, and a Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney.


Happiness, Career and Business Coach

Bringing better understanding of happiness into this world as well as sharing positive psychology tools and making them accessible is my mission. I am doing that through the workshops I run, through BrainSpa retreats and through my one on one work with clients. I see myself as a global entrepreneur based in Sydney, since 2013, I have facilitated a series of personal development seminars and workshops that focus on personal leadership, goal attainment and peak performance, and both personal and professional mind-skills development in Australia, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and Latvia.

Creator of The Happiness Jar

In order to spread happiness in the world with a help of a small team I have created a Positive Psychology inspired free app The Happiness Jar. The Happiness jar is a very simple and easy to use tool that helps to shift our focus to happiness and gratitude on daily basis. The Happiness Jar allows to collect sort and store happy memories as colourful marbles. it has been developed using research from Positive Psychology and Neuroscience. The Happiness Jar website